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If you'd like us to publish and share your work with the community, please see our submission guidelines below to get an idea of the kind and quality of content we expect from submissions.

You may also use this form for general inquiries or contact us directly using our email address.

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For lucid dreamers, by lucid dreamers


Pick an intended audience, and write to that audience. If you are writing a piece intended for beginners, avoid using acronyms and terminology without clearly explaining those terms. Use natural language as much as possible. Articles intended for experienced dreamers, naturally have more flexibility in acceptable shorthand.


Your topic should be focused on a specific aspect of lucid dreaming. Whether you are sharing a particular method or delving into how lucid dreaming impacts our waking experiences, ensure your submission has a focus. The best way to convey your message to the community is through focused and directed content. Avoid going on long tangents and refrain from off-topic commentary unless it enhances the piece.


We accept all forms of informational content for publication. Articles, essays, guides, short fiction, serials, and videos are all fair game for submission. Please feel free to use any visual media, such as photos, art, or videos, in any articles you submit. Be sure you have distribution rights and that you attribute the creator.

Photo by Chandler Media on Unsplash

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